Tuesday, October 13, 2009

India, a raising power

India, the raising power ! The nation of pride and heritage will also be the nation of wealth and growth!

October 11, 2009
For a nation like India, an immediate revolution is necessary. It is always necessary for us to work on the dream of Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam to build the strongest India by 2020.we people must work together in all the fields, forgetting religion, caste and our social status.
Yes, it is the time for us to transform and our nation to be transformed. With the resources we had and the abilities we build, we must have been a developed nation by now. But, due to the obstacles in the form terrorism, corruption, unhealthy growth in people’s economy, our growth became uneven. so the poor became poorer and the rich became richer.
There will be a day, when an agricultural nation like India beg for food products from other nations in the name of import. So let us think on for the future of India's agro and small scale industrial growth. Due to the immense growth of information technology and other related fields in the recent years, people crowded over there ignoring the basic necessities like agriculture, clothing etc. Now, the fall of I.T made people jobless, made us think about the people who were previously toiling i.e the agriculturist cottage industrialists and coolies. let us give way for the growth of those by encouraging their hard work with parallel increment in their economy beside us. Our government should take steps to improve their life style by increasing the prices of food products, flourishing the pay margin of the farmers and support the production of food products in huge, rather announcing free schemes which make people lazy. The reason why a country like America achieved this height is, because of its balanced growth. Let us work for it!
The alarming threat to our nation is through terrorism. our nation is suffering a lot by the blood sucking terrorist activities. The young souls of India must raise arms against terrorism by educating the future generation and the current against terrorism to prohibit the internal terrorist groups. The youth of India must grow friendship among the youth of other countries by cultivating good thoughts about our nation. (hope communication is not a problem in this information era). The government must take steps against illiteracy, poverty and corruption to eradicate the violence. The countries must help the poor nations with their funds for education and eradication of poverty rather donating for military.
Education has power to transform a stone into a sculpture! It must be given some thought along with the theories and equations of today. we must enhance the abilities and knowledge about the subjects to fight for our being in this competitive world, beside that we must also improve our moral qualities and humanity. our government should strictly act on compulsory education to the children under 16 and intensify the punishments against child labors. the scholarships and the higher education loans must increase in numbers. The children must be encouraged according to their own interests rather than their parents.
Politics of India must be revolutionized by young faces with fresh ideas. The youth must show their interests in politics by selecting the right representatives to their constituencies. Government should prohibit the candidates with criminal background. The people representatives can be given reasonable salary and they can be monitored secretly to prevent corruptions. People must raise against anti-social powers in politics.
Rural areas must be given the required facilities in order to preserve villages. In order to stop the migration of people from villages to cities and towns, they must be self satisfied with education and health facilities. For that government must provide schools, hospitals, water and roads to every village in India.
We people must act on the above immediately for our living. Think deep about all these. We can definitely do all these. But one thing we must do is pass this message to as many people as possible.
Patriotism must be seeded in the young hearts

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