Friday, July 16, 2010

Indian Education System

Ahhhhh......Quiet common discussion topic, but still unsolved!!!

Alright let me share with you the perspective of mine.

All of us are tired with the conventional classroom systems, dry theories, locked mouths during the classes and examination system that just evaluate your power of your storage and formatting style in the name of neat presentation , We are always blaming the government and schools. Instead, why not pupil  takes self-initiatives to improve yourself and change the style of your learning?

Try the suggestions to visualize the change:

Always keep yourself open, Look around the world, Observe what people are doing around the world across 24*7, Find out your hidden potentials, Always share your knowledge, Don't hesitate to explore and experiment, Make good use of the technologies and Communication tools available.This makes you to stand high and gives others, a chance to notice you.